Trends in Home Design

The heart of great design is to be on the fore front of new trends by observing personal and society lifestyles. Some of the trends for today's home include:

  • Flexible Design - This incorporates multi-use spaces that reduces square footage and creates a more universal design.
  • Multigenerational Living - Allows for a longer life span in one home, incorporates flexible design to accommodate changing lifestyles as your family environment changes.
  • Green Design - Designing a green home is not only through the products we use but also the physical design. Flexible design reduces square footage for a smaller carbon footprint. Multigenerational design lends itself to sustainable living for longer life span in one home. Window placement, room orientation and physical location of various elements all play into an energy efficient home.
  • Outdoor Living - The patio is the new living room and kitchen! Even in cold climates like Minnesota, this trend grows every year. With new technology, these spaces can be used all year round.
  • Value Design - This is not just understanding the best material use and right sizing the plan but reducing unusable spaces. These spaces include long hallways, dead spaces and show rooms!
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