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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Economic Times Demand Great Design

During these economic times when every dollar counts, great design is more important than ever. It is an amazing time to build or remodel due to great interest rates, lower prices and with the most experienced professionals prominent in the industry. A close friend keeps quoting the title of one of her favorite books, "Good is the enemy of Great", this is something we should all take to heart. You do not need to settle with good design, it needs to be GREAT! Great design is not only a beautiful home, but one that is well thought out. Your home needs to function for your lifestyle, no more, no less space than you need, it should be the right space. In a meeting last month the client wanted to add to a room on the back of their home, when I asked the purpose for this additional space they were not quite sure. After pursuing it with them, we found they did not need a larger room but could make the space more functional by simply relocating a door opening. This solution provided them a Great space within their current footprint while saving cost at the same time. This is one example on how adding does not always resolve an issue and how GREAT Design can not only create a wonderful space but can save money!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Idea Home

I'm back from the Home and Garden Show, spending all 5 days at the Idea Home. It has been a wonderful experience with over 25,000 people touring the Idea Home. Please visit Mpls/St. Paul Magazines website (their link is below) to see pictures and vidio's about the Idea Home. To all who attended, thank you!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Home and Garden Show

I'm at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show this weekend, premiering the Idea Home, designed by St. Amant Design LLC. Stop by the Minneapolis Convention Center this weekend, March 4th - 8th for a peek at the Idea Home, and for a seminar presented by myself and Bob McDonald of McDonald Construction:

Why Build? A Step-By-Step Process for Building and Designing a New Home!
Presented by Bob McDonald, President & Owner of McDonald Construction
Teresa St. Amant of St. Amant Design, LLC.
Builder and Designer of the 2008 Idea Home

Thursday, March 5th at 4:00pm
Friday, March 6th at 8:00pm
On the Main Lifestyle Stage at the Mpls. Home and Garden Show

Get Discount Tickets to the Home and Garden Show!

See you there!
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