Designing Homes for Today's Dreams and Tomorrow's Trends

St. Amant Design LLC is an architectural design firm that concentrates on residential design for both new homes and remodeling projects. Our innovative designs have won both national and local awards. We focus on listening to the client and to create designs that exceed expectations while still meeting the budget. Below are the four core principles that we strive for when we design a project:

  1. Listen! Listen! Listen! - So many architects and designers want to tell the client what they should have; we want to create a home based on your needs and desires!
  2. Livability Analysis - By listening and observing, we talk to you about your lifestyle and create a home to fit those needs.
  3. Great Design SAVES money - A great design analyzes every part of the plan, creating only the spaces you want and need, eliminating waste and value engineering through our experiences in all facets of home building.
  4. Personalization - Each design is personalized through a livability analysis to create a design that works for your lifestyle.
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